The Ultimate Guide to Panasonic Toughbook Models

If you’re looking for a guide to the latest Panasonic Toughbook models on the market, you've come to the right place. For those looking for the best in rugged laptop technology, BuyTough proudly presents the Ultimate Guide to Panasonic Toughbook Models.

In this guide, you’ll discover the features, benefits and ideal users for the highest-quality rugged and semi-rugged notebook PC models on the market today. Which model is right for you? Read on to compare model specs and find the right ruggedized computer for the job... no matter how tough.

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Panasonic CF-31

Panasonic Toughbook CF-31If you’re looking for the toughest laptop model on the market, this is it. Weighing in at a steel-solid 8.2 lbs., the Panasonic CF-31 is hands-down the toughest laptop on the market today.

Unique Features

Clad in an armor-like magnesium alloy case, this device is uniquely positioned to handle the world’s most rugged environments. Its MIL-STD-810G certification means it can take a 6’ fall and keep on running. From desert to tundra, to warzones and beyond, the CF-31’s sealed design can handle the most extreme and dangerous of climates.

This model comes equipped with the most current, most powerful Intel processing technology on the market. The CF-31 is fully-customizable to the level of power that each user needs, from the lower-end 2.1 GHZ Core i3 to the ultra-fast 2.6 GHZ Core i5.

But this machine isn’t just built to last on the outside. Despite its heavy-duty frame, the CF-31 battery can run anywhere from 5 to 11 hours without needing a recharge. Combined with an exceptionally brilliant (and easily dimmable) screen, as well as LTE 4G and Gobi 2000 3G capability, this device was born for life out in the field.


For jobs that require a rugged heart and unbreakable will, the CF-31 is your constant companion. Here are the most salient Benefits this quintessential Toughbook model delivers:

  • Unstoppable... Just Like You - Its fully-rugged frame and weather-proof seal mean this model will survive a long time, no matter what challenges your tough job throws at you.
  • Unbeatable Performance - Being fully-upgradable to the most powerful processing technology, the CF-31 delivers the speed you need to get fast results in high-intensity, high-pressure situations... when every second counts.
  • Unquestionable Endurance - The extra-long battery life on this device means you won’t have to worry about running out of power in a mission-critical situation, or losing sensitive data in the field.

Ideal User Profile

For the toughest jobs on the planet, you need the CF-31. Here are just a few examples of the professions this defining rugged laptop model is ideally suited for:

  • Field Services - Its indestructible frame combined with its wireless assets and long battery life make the CF-31 a favored model of field services personnel.
  • Construction - The toughest job sites demand the toughest protection and safety equipment for its personnel. The same concept applies to job site technology, which is why this model is a leading choice in the construction industry, and can be found at some of the world’s largest building sites.
  • Military - From the Army to the Navy, Marines to National Guard and beyond, this battle-ready laptop is widely regarded as mission-critical technology throughout the United States Armed Forces.
  • Emergency Services - Firefighters, police, and EMS teams across the world need laptops that will spring into action as quickly as they do and never let them down when they need it most. With its fast boot speed and powerful build, the CF-31 is the obvious choice for emergency services workers across the globe.

Panasonic CF-19

Panasonic Toughbook CF-19If you’re looking for the ultimate combination of fully-rugged performance and versatility, you’re looking for a Panasonic CF-19. Weighing a mere 5.1 lbs., this Notebook/Tablet PC hybrid model strikes a perfect balance between strength and portability.

Unique Features

The CF-19 is the world’s toughest hybrid computer model. The device easily transforms from a notebook PC to a super-portable tablet device. Combined with the most advanced ruggedized magnesium casing with a 6’ drop rating, this machine is capable of operating on any surface (or none at all!) in almost any situation.

Buyers of this unique model have two interactive options: touchscreen and dual touch. The touchscreen is compatible with both stylus and manual operation, allowing the greatest range of operational versatility. The dual-touch option is stylus-only, with functionality optimized to capture signatures or recognize user handwriting. Dual touch is the signature choice for drafting, security, and closing contracts in the field.

To allow for maximum portability, the CF-19 screen is enhanced with an anti-reflection finish to reduce glare effects. This feature is icing on the cake of this model’s field-readiness, making it the ideal choice for outdoor operations.


For the tough jobs where mobility matters, the CF-19 is your secret weapon. Users of this model enjoy many in-the-field advantages, including:

  • Flexible Functionality - With an agile, convertible design and a screen configured to each user’s unique needs, the CF-19 is proven to get the job done over a wide variety of situations and tasks.
  • Surprising Portability - With its shockingly light frame and glare-proof monitor, this Toughbook model is born to travel. Wherever you need to be, no matter how high, how low, or how intense, this model is your steady companion.
  • Proven Durability - Drop-tested, weatherproof and military-grade, this model delivers the confidence in the field that only Panasonic’s line of fully-rugged laptops can offer.

Ideal User Profile

For jobs where time is of the essence, or those tricky situations where maneuverability matters, this model is the trusted tool for the job. This machine is ideally suited for:

  • Emergency Response - First responders require a grab-and-go machine that can survive potentially hazardous situations. That’s why EMS, fire and anti-crime response teams rely on the unmatched mix of lightness and strength that only a CF-19 can deliver.
  • Building & Field Inspection - From maneuvering tight corners to enduring all kinds of weather & climatic conditions, inspectors face many environmental challenges. Fortunately, those armed with this rugged hybrid model can carry out their jobs with confidence that their computers will keep on working as hard as they do.
  • Utilities & Telecommunications - These jobs, which involve climbing up into high and dangerous places, require maximum manual dexterity and freedom of movement. The CF-19 delivers this freedom in spades, while providing anti-glare protection so work can be done even in direct sunlight.
  • State & Local Government - From inspections to public works and beyond, local government has a wide range of jobs to do in rugged situations. It’s no wonder so many government agencies have chosen this notebook PC as the go-to model for their most mission-critical operations.

Panasonic CF-52

Panasonic Toughbook 52Looking for a tough alternative to a desktop computer? The Panasonic CF-52 incorporates a semi-rugged design with the flexibility to work just about anywhere. The 52 will work as your main computer at home while performing just as well on the job.

Unique Features

No matter what the job entails, this semi-rugged device can be a critical piece of equipment while in the field. It includes one of the largest screens in the entire product line at 15.4” as well as an Internal Optical Drive. Tasks like data transfer are made easy with the 52’s PC card, USB, and Firewire ports.

The 52 uses Genuine Windows 7 Professional software with a 3rd gen Intel Core i5 vPro Processor and 4GBs of SDRAM (expandable to 16GB). WiFi and an optional Gobi2000 3G global mobile internet allow users to connect remotely. Accessing information on the go has never been this easy in tough settings.

A magnesium alloy case protects thr machine from physical damage while the interiors of the device are shock-mounted to stand up to drops. The 52’s built in handle makes it easy grab and hold on to once the job is done.


  • Massive Display - The 15.4” high-resolution screen and graphics makes the 52 great for group use. The anti-reflective and anti-glare treatments allow presentations and video to be easily shown while out in the field.

  • Practicality - The 52 was designed to withstand harsh environments while also acting as Panssonic's all-around semi-rugged computer. This Toughbook model is realistic for any setting from a home office to a warzone.

Ideal User Profile

If your job requires a laptop that can stand up to a lot of abuse but you don’t want to spend a fortune, the CF-52 is the right laptop for you.

  • Structural Engineering & Design - Structural planning requires instant access to the tools needed to make changes. Those who are in the field and need to alter or fix plans on the spot will see the value in the 52. Redesign, present, and report when and where you need it to get the job done.

  • Emergency Responders - Strength, endurance, ability. Whether you respond to fire, crime, or injury, you’re going to need a computer that is as tough as you are. This device delivers quick communication capabilities and information retrieval.

  • Marine Navigation - For users that are constantly on the water, it’s important to have a long-lasting, reliable piece of equipment. The navigation functionality and water resistance makes it perfect for users out on the water.

Panasonic CF-53

Panasonic Toughbook CF-53Looking for a semi-rugged laptop with superior portability? The CF-53 is the perfect device for getting around and getting things done in semi-rugged environments.


The CF-53 is remarkably lighter than its predecessor CF-52, weighing a mere 5.6 lbs. It’s also 17% more compact, thanks to a couple examples of engineering ingenuity from the team at Panasonic:

  • Underside HDD Connector - This model incorporates the hard drive as part of its body, eliminating the need for drive panels and covers.

  • “Bonnet” Design - Resembling the bonnet of a car, the LCD screen is covered by a uniquely strong panel that delivers durability without the extra bulk.

The CF-53 also offers a wide range of customization options that help you get the job done. Options like integrated webcam and 4G LTE broadband are available for easy connectivity and communication. A sunlight-viewable touchscreen and backlit keyboard are available as well to make this device easy to operate in any environment.

Need processing power? The most advanced CF-53 comes equipped with Core i3 Processor with 2.5 GHZ of pure power. But that’s not all -- users can crank up the speed on-demand with Intel’s Turbo Boost to reach 3.2 GHz operating capacity. If you face processor-intensive tasks in your line of work, this model will help you get more done faster and accelerate your productivity.


Always on the go? Need a fast laptop that works as tough as you, even in rough environments? This semi-rugged machine could be the perfect pick. Pick up this model to experience:

  • Unmatched Mobility - The CF-53 is the most portable semi-rugged machine on the market. Lightweight and compact with a convenient carrying strap, this machine is ready to be wherever you need to be.

  • Impressive Power - Get ready to power through tasks with the best in Intel processing power. Combined with Turbo Boost, this machine confidently delivers the power you need to get the job done right.
  • Easy Customization - Want to add new features or equipment on to your machine? With its wide variety of enhancement options, this Toughbook is the perfect model to configure to your specifications for optimal productivity and ease-of-use.

Ideal User Profile

For those rugged work environments that require its teams to always be on the move, the CF-53 is a standout favorite. Here are just a few industries that are taking advantage of the power of the Toughbook 53:

  • Field Services & Repair - For those who travel to service and repair machines onsite, portablity of equipment is a necessity. Thanks to the sleek & compact design of this model, leveraging computer technology to deliver superior service has never been easier.

  • Warehouse & Industrial - Warehouse quality assurance teams often face harsh conditions, and need a highly-mobile machine that is ready to work wherever they need to be. That’s why it’s no surprise the CF-53 is showing up in industrial facilities and warehouses everywhere. With the processing power needed for quality management operations and a semi-rugged frame, this machine simply works for teams on the front lines of production.

  • Sales Representatives - Opportunity is everywhere for sales teams. So why should they feel limited by their technology? This semi-rugged model allows sales professionals to confidently deliver presentations and close new business in any location. This model gives sales crews an edge against the competition and confidence in the field.

Panasonic CF-SX2

Business-Rugged Toughbook SX2Looking for a portable rugged machine built for business? Need a durable laptop that doesn’t sacrifice style? Discover the CF-SX2, the sleek and gorgeous laptop built-to-last for the discerning road warrior.

Unique Features

The CF-SX2 is perfectly balanced and optimized for the needs of business professionals. Weighing in at a mere 3.13 lbs., this Toughbook model features a tough magnesium alloy casing to deliver the right amount of durability for a mobile workforce without weighing users down while on the go. Its super-slim design is 33% thinner than the previous model, allowing it to slip easily into a bag or carrying case.

Endurance and performance are both built-in to the SX2. Its advanced chipset features enhanced power management features, allowing this model to last up to an astounding 14.5 hours of battery life. Along with improved processor speed, this machine also features an integrated DVD super-multi drive and webcam to make running presentations and other applications a cinch.

Need internet connectivity wherever you go? The CF-SX2 delivers a wide range of integrated features that promote mobile productivity, including standard a WiFi chipset and Bluetooth as well as optional Gobi 2000 mobile broadband. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or traveling, the CF-SX2 is reliably designed you keep you connected and in the game.


For savvy business travelers who don’t want to worry about their laptop on the road, but do want an edge on the competition, this machine delivers a host of Benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Productivity - A precise circular touch pad combined with a full 84-key keyboard means incredible ease-of-use in any situation. Along with this CF-SX’s integrated wireless features, your potential for productivity is unlimited.
  • Confident Mobility - Put your IT security worries at ease with a business-rugged design built to withstand the bumps and shocks of business travel. Combined with a TPM security module and optional fingerprint scanner, users can feel confident that this device will deliver outstanding performance no matter where you need to be.
  • Business Ready - Discover a rugged machine that looks and feels dressed to impress. Its sleek and savvy design delivers durability without the edge, so you can get that extra boost of confidence you need to win in the field or the board room.

Ideal User Profile

Any on-the-go business pro can realize the Benefits of a rugged laptop that puts your mind at ease while delivering confidence through superior performance. Here are a just few of the industries that love this Toughbook model:

  • Sales Professionals - Get out there and crush your sales quotas. With the CF-SX, sales teams can deliver pitches with pitch-perfect computing performance, and leverage superior connectivity to follow up with hot leads.
  • Business Executives - With the SX’s business-rugged design, you can run your business without worrying about your technology. Plus, its stylish frame is well-suited to match the decor and professionalism boardrooms & executive suites everywhere.
  • Account Managers - Give outstanding presentations to your clients with a 12.1 inch high-resolution display bolstered by a powerful Intel i5 processor. With an integrated DVD drive and wireless, this machine is fully-equipped for the challenges of client management.

Panasonic H2

Panasonic Toughbook H2Take productivity to a new level with the Panasonic H2. This 10.1” tablet PC combines the durability of a Toughbook with the mobility of a tablet.

Unique Features

There’s no need for users to worry about getting the job done. The H2 tablet runs on the Windows 7 Professional operating system and includes a fast 3rd gen Intel Core i5 vPro processor. What if you drop it? No need to worry. The H2 is MIL-STD-810G certified, so drops up to 6’, shocks, vibrations, humidity, weather and most other extreme conditions you can throw at it won’t be an issue.

Worried about battery life? The H2 will go on for 6.5 hours before needing a charge. Panasonic also offers a hot-swappable design that comes with an extra battery that makes battery life seem endless. In an effort to save time, this identical battery can be used to without having to power down the device.

If you’re working in the sun, this tablet could be ideal for you. Its dual touch and adjustable LED backlight provides clear outdoor viewing conditions. The H2 utilizes a TransflectivePlus display, which means the screen is anti-reflective and anti-glare. It also contains many wireless features. Wi-Fi capability, Bluetooth communication functions, and an optional 4G LTE means users can always stay connected while working in the field.


  • Unmatched Durability - No other tablet is suitable for the conditions the H2 is built to withstand. You’ll never have to worry about it no matter what setting you are in.
  • Endless Mobility - The lightweight design is comfortable and extremely easy to handle while on the go.

Ideal User Profile

If you work tough conditions and need to access or record information while on the move, the H2 could be the best option for you. Here are a few professions you’ll find ideal for this tablet:

  • Healthcare Personnel - Fast-paced, emergency settings require quick thinking and easy access. Healthcare personnel can pick up and put down this tablet without having to worry about damaging it. The H2 is disinfectable and robust enough to handle the medical environment.
  • Construction & Labor - Tracking progress, planning changes, or placing orders on the fly is made easy with fast processing power and usability features. With durability specs that surpass all other tablets, the H2 will perform through any construction project.
  • Military - When a problem arises, nothing is more important than being able to do something about it. A seemingly endless battery life, various communication functions, and the strength to stand up to the elements makes this a great mobile device for the military.

How To Discover The Toughbook That’s Right For You

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