Ultimate Care Protection Warranty

Panasonic’s Ultimate Care Protection Warranty for Toughbooks, Toughpads, and handheld products covers repairs and replacement of all major parts without any additional cost. Unlike most other warranty programs, out-of-warranty repairs are virtually eliminated. Instead, during the full life of the warranty all accidental damage and hardware failures are covered.  Ultimate Care has been designed to give employers and end users the peace of mind that whatever happens they won’t be faced with unexpected costs relating to warranty repairs. It is the answer for anyone working in a mobile work environment. 

  Panasonic Ultimate Care Warranty Brochure

Unlimited Support With Panasonic’s Ultimate Care Protection Warranty

If a Toughbook, Toughpad, 2-in-1, or other Panasonic handheld device with this warranty is damaged accidentally it will be fixed or replaced. Replacement devices are guaranteed to be the same model and will have the same serial number as the “destroyed” unit. Panasonic is the only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that offers this service to customers. More specifically, the warranty offers unlimited replacement of all major sub-assemblies and computer components. This includes any form of cosmetic damage that could result in potentially damaging exposure of internal components of the device.

Limitations of the Warranty

Limitations on the Ultimate Care Warranty are minimal and are limited to:

  • Intentional acts intended to damage the device.
  • Damage caused by events beyond human control including fire, flooding, tornadoes, and hurricanes.
  • Loss and reported theft.
  • Coverage is not excluded but it is capped in terms of the original order.

Customized Options for the Warranty

To allow for service-level guarantees, Panasonic allows for the customization of warranties to cover issues including:

  • “dead” on arrival
  • help-desk call waiting time
  • turn-around time at Panasonic’s National Service Center
  • a guarantee on annual unit failure rates

    Ultimate Care Warranty Terms

    Ultimate Care Warranty plans are available for three-, four-, and five-year terms.

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