FirstNet - Built with AT&T

Related imageFirstNet is the nation’s first dedicated and prioritized network for first responders and their supporting industries and personnel intended to ensure communication during emergencies and other time-sensitive events.  Within this service exists Band 14, which is a dedicated, unique band allocated to AT&T to enhance their FirstNet ecosystem.  Band 14 exists on a superior spectrum that performs better in rural areas and through buildings while handling an extensive amount of data.  During an emergency, only first responders can access Band 14. 

Currently, the existing LTE network supports FirstNet core.  Over the next 5 years, Band 14 radios will be added to cell sites, with progress updated at  Verizon will eventually offer a competing solution called Private Traffic Network Management (PTNM).  It will operate on Verizon’s existing network without a dedicated core network. 

Existing customers can upgrade their existing accounts to a FirstNet rate plan and receive priority and preemption benefits.  This does not require a new SIM.  Your existing AT&T SIM is sufficient.  However, moving forward end-users will need an actual FirstNet SIM to have true access to the FirstNet core network.  

Panasonic is an authorized FirstNet Master Dealer.  Panasonic Toughbook CF‐54’s, CF-20’s and CF-33’s and with newer EM7455 4G LTE modules will be upgradable in the future to EM7511 modules through Panasonic’s Service Center at a date and price to-be-determined.  Test SIMs are potentially available for qualified customers. 

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All 50 states have opted in.



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