Laptops for Automotive Tuning and Diagnostics

What is the Best Laptop for Automotive Tuning and Diagnostics?

Automotive tuning for performance and diagnostics to identify and find solutions to problems and breakdowns is essential in any industry that utilizes automobiles, including dealers. Those who are mechanically minded might also do their own tuning and diagnostics on their vehicles.

Today, many elements of vehicle engine performance are controlled electronically via engine control units (ECUs), and so tuning is largely a software-based process.

There’s lots of software available for home mechanics and pros who carry out automotive tuning and diagnostics. But many countries, including the U.S., require on-board diagnostics (OBD) to be compliant with national standards.

The most popular software supports manual and automatic ECUs, live and 3D tuning, and both gasoline and diesel vehicles. But you also need tough, reliable hardware.

Mooring Tech supplies specialized Panasonic computers for automotive tuning and diagnostics. And they will help to pair software with the best possible TOUGHBOOK laptops to meet customers’ needs.

Where manufacturers have “manufacture specific software,” they will supply the software and often bundle it with a laptop to run the software on, usually only to dealers. This can be a lot more expensive than the options offered by Mooring Tech.

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selecting a Laptop for car Tuning & Diagnostics

Automotive companies use a mix of tools and equipment for tuning and diagnostics. This includes laptops for vehicle maintenance applications as well as diagnostics and tuning.

While many automobile manufacturers still use consumer-grade laptops, there is a high rate of failure due to drops and spills in the rough environment they are exposed to. This not only reduces productivity but is also costly.



launched in September 2019, is a semi-rugged laptop that is versatile and reliable. It is the lightest and thinnest laptop in its class. It also has a bright screen and color-selectable backlit keyboard.

It has an unprecedented battery life of up to 20 hours that can be doubled to 40 hours with an optional second battery. This allows users to work all day wherever they are without needing a recharge. It also has the ability to hot-swap batteries so there’s no need to power down and interrupt tuning or diagnostics.

The TOUGHBOOK 55 has an optional DVD drive which is an invaluable feature for technicians who have custom software that must be loaded via a CD or DVD.




The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 33 is reliable and dependable and performs well in smaller diagnostic spaces. It’s a fully-rugged, full-sized 2-in-1 combination with a bright screen, detachable tablet, and full keyboard on the laptop.

Battery life is 10 hours, but this can be doubled with an optional long-life battery. Hot-swappable twin batteries may also be used.




The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK G2 is also fully-rugged and a 2-in-1 device. But because it’s smaller, it’s more portable and ruggedly versatile. In addition to appealing to mechanics who do automotive tuning and diagnostics, it’s a popular laptop for car hire and fleet management personnel.  

Like the other two laptops, the TOUGHBOOK 20 is available with an optional second battery that will extend its battery life to 17 hours. A bridge battery enables hot-swap battery replacement.

It has a sunlight-viewable screen, which is useful in the event of outdoor repair and diagnostics.

Mooring Tech has the Best Panasonic Laptops for Automotive Tuning & Diagnostics

Mooring Tech is a trusted Panasonic reseller partner with extensive technical and industry experience. We also understand the needs of those in the automotive tuning and diagnostic industry.

We are here to help you choose the best laptop or tablet for your needs and budget.

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