Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 2-in-1 Computers (Laptop & Convertible Tablet)

When it comes to convertible tablets, there is none better than a Panasonic TOUGHBOOK. Offering the best of both worlds, the fully-rugged TOUGHBOOK 33 and TOUGHBOOK 20 withstand the punishment of harsh work environments and are ready for whatever you throw at them. Fully-rugged TOUGHBOOK devices are built for use in the most dangerous, fast-paced, and hazardous work environments. The drops, bumps, and spills that would ruin any other computer are no problem for this machine. With specially designed shock protection and a keyboard and casing that are resistant to spills, dust, and grime, our fully-rugged TOUGHBOOK 2-in-1's go the distance, delivering optimum performance in environments where other machines fail. 

Where a regular laptop would get bogged down, a TOUGHBOOK powers through, and a fully-rugged TOUGHBOOK truly performs. You don’t just want it to survive the conditions of your worksite, you want it to thrive, and that is what TOUGHBOOK devices do! And because you can fully customize yours, you get exactly what you need and you get it fast!

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