Triton Submarines Chooses Panasonic TOUGHBOOK to Support Deep-Sea Exploration

Triton Submarines Chooses Panasonic TOUGHBOOK to Support Deep-Sea Exploration

  • Michael Cayes

TOUGHBOOK Tablets used on Submarines for Deep-Sea Exploration & Research

Triton Submarines, a company that designs and custom-builds state-of-the-art civil and private submarines, equips its deep-sea exploration subs with TOUGHBOOK devices supplied by Mooring Tech, a valued Panasonic partner.

Founded in 2007, Triton has been manufacturing submarines for scientific studies and deep-sea exploration since 2011, and has hit the headlines by facilitating visits to the wreck of the Titanic and several ecosystems deep under the sea which have never been explored before.

But it isn’t enough for a submarine to make it to the bottom of the ocean.

To be able to do their work, scientists and researchers need complex control systems and highly technical scientific data analysis programs. The computers they use must facilitate extensive communications, tracking, and monitoring to keep those onboard safe and for the explorations and research to be successful. Additionally, the processing power of the computers they use must be sufficiently powerful to support all the integral operations of the submarine yet compact enough to fit into very small spaces.

Ultimately, they need top-tier, high-performing computerized devices.

The TOUGHBOOK Solution

Mooring Tech and Triton worked together to find the very best customized solution for the submarines. Triton chose TOUGHBOOK G1 tablets because their performance and ruggedness are perfect for deep-sea exploration and scientific discovery support.

Triton now equips each deep-sea exploration submarine with two fully-rugged, compact TOUGHBOOK FZ-G1 tablets that can perform in virtually any environment and have superb battery life. They are used to monitor depths, voltage, lights, gases, and alarms, and are also used to input valuable data.

Several TOUGHBOOK 54 laptops, designed for users to work in extremely demanding situations, are used by field technicians on the surface. One of the thinnest and lightest semi-rugged laptops in its class, the TOUGHBOOK 54 is renowned for its high performance. It is used for tracking and to support diagnostics, and enables teams to communicate effectively, collect data, and to operate submarine systems.

The TOUGHBOOK solution ticks all the boxes in terms of requirements and it works well. Operators and researchers can run essential systems from one single interface while they collect data and carry out complex research projects deep down in the ocean. Experts undertaking scientific exploration have the power to run their analytics software onboard from their TOUGHBOOK FZ-G1 tablets, which facilitates invaluable real-time discovery and reporting.

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