Panasonic Launches the TOUGHBOOK™ 55, an Epic Mobile Computer That’s Tough

Panasonic Launches the TOUGHBOOK™ 55, an Epic Mobile Computer That’s Tough

  • Michael Cayes

Dubbed as the workers’ best friend, Panasonic’s brand new TOUGHBOOK™ 55 is in a class of its own. A world leader by anyone’s standards, it promises features that will decrease downtime and enable those using it to evolve the machine to meet their changing needs over time.

The most versatile semi-rugged laptop to come out of the highly acclaimed Panasonic TOUGHBOOK™ stable, it’s getting rave reviews within hours of its launch. One of the highlights that are drawing attention, is the fact that it is more customizable than the models that precede it.

But there is so much more. Whether you’re a worker by trade who spends time in the field responding to emergencies, or you employ people who work in demanding industries where reliable communication is imperative, you cannot afford NOT to get up-front and familiar with this new epic mobile device.

The TOUGHBOOK™ FZ 55 is Proudly Panasonic

Launching the new epic mobile TOUGHBOOK™ 55 on September 9, 2019, Panasonic boasted its “legendary reliability,” announcing the features that ensure it offers the kind of flexibility no competitor can beat. And this really does introduce a WOW factor.

Those who have used TOUGHBOOK™ over the years will be the first to acknowledge the superior operation, performance, ruggedness, security, and versatility of the brand. So when those in the know clap hands and acknowledge the superiority of a new model, it really is time to take notice.



What Makes the New Epic TOUGHBOOK™ 55 Special

That wasn’t a question, but if it had been, the answer would have been “a lot.” Ultimately, it’s a semi-rugged model that’s going to meet the needs of first responders and others in the field who commonly find themselves in horribly extreme, very demanding situations. It offers dependability, reliability, and all the other assets possible. And then some, including the fact that it is the first TOUGHBOOK™ that offers USB-C connectivity and it is also the lightest, thinnest device in its class.

It is also backward compatible with previous models.

So, let’s look at some of its outstanding features:

  • Unparalleled customization Key to this is expansion packs that offer a whack of features from a second storage drive, dedicated graphics, a fingerprint reader, and/or I/O ports. The keyboard and RAM may also be upgraded to meet user needs.
  • Superior (optional) second storage drives These, like the main storage drive offer quick-release that makes installs easier and simplifies access to the drives.
  • Battery life This epic mobile computer has a battery life that won’t let you down – ever. The TOUGHBOOK™ 55 comes with the longest battery life of any of the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK™ available today – up to 40 hours. There is also an option to hot-swap a second battery without having to power down. You can stop and breathe without any anxiety at all!
  • Security In addition to incorporating the Intel Hardware Shield, which is great for security, the TOUGHBOOK™ 55 also boasts unmatched speech-recognition accuracy via it tetra-array microphones. Intel vPro comes standard with the device allowing for remote management as well. Relax and rest assured you’re going to be safer and more secure than ever before.

But that’s not all!

Wireless Connectivity Offers Ultimate Reliability

If you’re already a Panasonic client you’ll know how P.180, the seamless end-to-end platform set up by the company works. If you rely on global connectivity, you likely can’t do without it. It covers more than 180 countries without roaming fees and allows shared data plans that are personalized and based on true customer usage.

The TOUGHBOOK™ 55 is certified to work on P.180 and is also approved and certified for use on First Net, the wireless communications program for U.S. first responders and others committed to public safety.

It’s designed to cope with emergencies and is poised to become a first-choice mobile computer for first responders and anyone else who needs to communicate quickly and efficiently in all situations, including emergencies.

And there’s more. Cameras, keyboards, display screens… what else is important to you?

We at Mooring Tech know how great Panasonic TOUGHBOOK™ are, which is why we continue to stock new and used devices. We are incredibly excited to be able to offer the brand new TOUGHBOOK™ 55 within 24 hours of its release. Call us for pricing or to discuss other possibilities or build yours online now