Setcom LiberatorMAX™ Rugged Wireless Team Communications System

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Introducing Setcom's game-changing LiberatorMAX™, the most advanced system for team communications.  Multi-person intercom system that is versatile and simple to use. Turn the headset on and be connected with other headsets. No installation or base station is required which gives you the freedom to move around without any restrictions

LiberatorMAX Industrial Spec Sheet 

Setcom's LiberatorMAX Highlights

  • Hands-free, real-time communications
  • Up to (8) full duplex intercom positions (hands-free), (8) Total operating channels
  • An infinite number of listen-only positions, reliable 900MHz frequency
  • “Instant On” motion sensor assisted
  • Long-life battery offering 15 hours of continuous talk time
  • Rugged design performs in the harshest of environments
  • 23dB noise-reduction rating (NRR)

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Radio Designator List
The following information is only a general guide to Setcom’s radio designators and compatibility.  For the most accurate and up-to-date information about which radios are compatible with Setcom systems, please call Setcom technical support at 650-965-8020x703.
Name Make Model(s) TX Level Setting Radio Cable
GTC Harris (M/A-COM) Orion, Jaguar 725M, M7100 (Harris Extended Option Accessory Cable Needed) 5 RC-xxGTC
GTE Harris (M/A-COM) M7300, M5300, XG-100M, XG-25M, XG-75M 5 RC-xxGTE
GTH Harris (M/A-COM) CH-721 and CH-100 control heads on Harris M7300-series and XG-series mobile radios. 5 RC-xxGTH
GTK Harris (M/A-COM) XL-185M, XL-200M. 5  
HA Hytera Hytera MD78X Series 5 RCB-xxHA
JO Johnson ES-series Radios C RCB-xxJO
JS Johnson ES-series radios C RCB-xxJS
JT Johnson Viking Mobile Series (but not the VM7000; for the VM7000, see the KW designator) 7 RCB-xxJT
KI Kenwood TK-730, TK-830, TK-6110 D RCB-xxKI
KN Kenwood TK-690, -790, -890 (for RF deck; 25-pin connector) D RCB-xxKN
KO Kenwood TK690, 790, 890 (for control head; pins only) D RCB-xxKO
KR Kenwood TK740, 760, 762, 840, 860, 862, 940.Also for 80-series: TK-780, 880, 980. D RCB-xxKR
KS Kenwood TK-7150, TK-8150 D RCB-xxKS
KT Kenwood TK-5720, TK-5820, TK-7180, TK-8180,NX-5200, NX-5900/NX5900(B) (TK-5930) Radios D RCB-xxKT
KU Kenwood TK-5710B, TK-5710H(B), TK-5810, TK-5810B D RCB-xxKU
KV Kenwood For Kenwood TK-7160H and TK-8160H Radios D MACB-KV
KW Kenwood NX700, NX800, NX900 Radios. Also NX-5000, NX-5700, NX-5800, VM5000 (VM5930) and VM7000 (EF Johnson) (See Other Notes for dual VM7000 RF Decks to a control Head) D RCB-xxKW
KX Kenwood TK-7360, 8360, 7302, 8302, NX-820, NX-840, NX-3820 series D RCB-xxKX
LG Bendix King/ Relm DMH5592 5 RCB-xxLG
M10 Motorola CM200D, CM300D, PM400, CDM 750, 1250, 1550, 1550LS+,  PRO5100, PRO7100, XPR 2500, GM160, GM300, EM200, EM400,MTM800, PM1200 5 RC-xxM10
MU Motorola Spectra, Syntor X-9000, Maratrac with Advanced Control Head/  Also for Spectra, XTL and APX Series Radios that use Motorola's Motorcycle Accessory Cable (3080010R04 [HLN7026B]) as per Motrola: The motorcycle radio installation is NOT APPLICABLE FOR 100W radios, APX 4500/APX 1500 radios and O9 control heads. 5 MACB-MU
MU4K Motorola For Motorola  APX/XTL series of mobile radios, dash-mount or remote-mount versions, also for PM1500 Radios. 5 RC-xxMU4K
MU5 Motorola XPR4300, 4350, 4500, 4550, 5350, 5550, DGM4100, DGM5000, DGM5500, DGM8000, DGM8500. 5 RC-xxMU5
MW Motorola Maxtrac, M1225, CM200, CM300, PM400 Possibly: M100, M208, M216, M120, M10, SM120 5 RC-xxMW
SQ Standard GX5500S, GX2000, GX2100, GX2150 (NOT GX1600!) 5 RC-xxSQ
TD Other Technisonic - TLC-100 (a.k.a. Til-90-6R) and TMS-150 (a.k.a. Til-91-DE)   MAC-7ATD
TF Other Technisonic - TDAM-1000 (TMS-110) F RCB-xxTF
WM Bendix King/ Relm KNG-M150 5 RC-xxWM
XG Other Garmin GTR225 4 RCB-xxXG
Y14 Vertex VX-2100, VX-2200, VX-4200, VX-7200, 4600I B RCB-xxY14
Y15 Vertex VX-4000, VX-5500, VX-6000 5 RC-xxY15
Y17-1 ICOM For ICOM M602, M604, M604(A), M504A-71, M506-31, M506-41, M510, M605 Radios D RCB-xxY17-1
Y3 ICOM A-110, A-120 B RCB-xxY3
YB ICOM F5400, F6400, F7510 0 RCB-xxYB
YY ICOM A200, A200B, A210, and A220 5 MAC-7AYY-6
YZ ICOM For ICOM F5201/F5202, F320 F420 F520 F1020 F2020 F1721x F1821x F2721x F2821 F110 F111 F121 F5021 F610 F620 F621 F5061 F5062 F5063 4 LMACB-YZ
ZA Tait TM8000 & TM9000 Series Radios (i.e. TM8110, TM8115, TM9155H) 9 RCB-xxZA
ZB Tait TM8000 & TM9000 Series Radios (i.e. TM9155H)Created for Lunenburg FD, see case 13134. 9 RCB-xxZB

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What are some of the benefits of the LiberatorMAX wireless headset system?

For teams in high-noise areas and situations, Setcom’s LiberatorMAX wireless headset system helps team members communicate more effectively while protecting their hearing and complying with OSHA hearing conservation requirements.

How long has Setcom been providing communications equipment?

Since 1970

How is a LiberatorMAX wireless headset system different than a 2-way radio system?

There are no buttons to push and you do not have to wait your turn to talk like you do with a traditional 2-way radio system.  Simply talk and be heard. 

Is a base system required for these headsets to work?

No base station or installation is required with the LiberatorMAX System which means there is also no pairing process.

How far away from each other will the headsets work?

The LiberatorMAX wireless headset system offers teams up to 1,500 feet of line-of-sight range.

What is the operating frequency?


What is the battery run time for these headsets?

15 hours of continuous talk time.