Panasonic Launches its Best-Ever Fully-Rugged Next-Generation 2-in-1 TOUGHBOOK

  • Greg Hosmer

Versatility, security, and accessibility make the new TOUGHBOOK G2 the perfect tough technology companion for workers in the field.  

Panasonic has launched a powerful new, next-generation rugged device for the full range of mobile workers including police, military, and emergency service providers. Water and dust resistant, and designed to meet tough military standards, it is the most flexible, secure, and usable device in its class.  

Described as the ultimate mobile device for workforces on the move, the new TOUGHBOOK G2 is a fully-rugged tablet that has the option of a keyboard add-on that transforms it into a 2-in-1 device. The new design embraces the most recent mobile device technology while modernizing the legacy systems that have made Panasonic TOUGHBOOKS so successful and popular globally. 

Panasonic says the new G2 evolved from the best-selling TOUGHBOOK G1 tablet and detachable, hybrid TOUGHBOOK 20, combining their power, performance, and portability in one device. It is powered by the 10th Generation Intel Core processor that delivers amazing performance. It’s shipped with Windows 10 Pro but can be upgraded to Windows 11. 

“Panasonic is on the nail when they say this highly versatile new TOUGHBOOK will steal the hearts of mobile workers,” says Michael Cayes, general manager of Mooring Tech, a dedicated supplier of Panasonic TOUGHBOOKS. “What makes it really special is that it incorporates the proven legacy systems while exploiting full use of the benefits of the latest technologies.”

Features of this brand new model include several new additions including 4G connectivity and eSIM. It also has double the RAM and storage of previous models. Other features include: 

  • Future-proofed wireless communications capabilities 
  • Improved screen brightness with a sunlight-viewable glove-enabled capacitive touchscreen for outdoor visibility
  • An additional user-exchangeable expansion bay area where you can add a contact smart card and contactless smart card reader
  • Increased performance levels including a long battery life of up to 12 hours that can be extended to 18.5 hours
  • A rich set of interfaces that have additional customizable options to meet every mobile worker’s needs
  • A rear and front camera 

The new TOUGHBOOK G2 is also considerably more secure than previous models as it is a Microsoft-secured-Core PC. Security features include password security for supervisors and users as well as a hard disc lock and an integrated hardware security lock slot. 

Dubbed the tablet “evolved to adapt,” the TOUGHBOOK G2 is poised to be a bestseller, so don’t miss out. It’s available from Mooring Tech from today.