Mooring Tech Introduces the All-New Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 40

  • Greg Hosmer

Panasonic’s brand new TOUGHBOOK 40 is one of the most exciting additions to the company’s range of mobile laptop computers, tablets, and handheld devices. And Mooring Tech is proud to be at the frontline of its launch. 

As one of Panasonic’s most trusted reseller partners, we recognize the company’s incredibly important role in the realm of fully-rugged 2-in-1 devices. 

So what’s different about the new TOUGHBOOK 40?

Ultimately, we can say with confidence that it is more rugged than anything we have ever seen or experienced.

When compared to previous TOUGHBOOK models, we can identify dozens of amazing upgrades and the introduction of some great new features. 

Features of the New TOUGHBOOK 40

The all-new TOUGHBOOK 40 is more than one pound lighter than the TOUGHBOOK 31 and it’s considerably more rugged. It’s a traditional laptop and its screen doesn’t detach like the TOUGHBOOK 33. 

The TOUGHBOOK 40 has a totally different footprint to previous models, so you’re going to need a new, unique, desktop or vehicle dock for it to work. The good news is that vehicle docks offer significantly better passthrough options that result in much stronger wireless signals. 

The screen resolution of the new TOUGHBOOK 40 is also hugely improved, particularly when compared to the TOUGHBOOK 31. It has a full HD resolution that is compatible with virtually all web browsers and software applications. 

Another great feature is that its hard drive is a lot bigger. The main SSD on the new TOUGHBOOK 40 can be upgraded to 2 TB. And there’s an optional second drive that will add another 2 TB of storage. 

Battery life is always an issue with mobile devices, and you’ll be happy to find that the TOUGHBOOK 40 has an incredible battery life. When you use two batteries you can expect to get 36 hours of battery life. This means that most users can expect to get between 10 and 15 hours per battery. 

Additionally you can outfit your new TOUGHBOOK 40 with integrated 5G mobile broadband. This, though, is optional. 

It is also compatible with AT&T FirstNet B14, which is what first responders want. The TOUGHBOOK 40 fully supports B14 FirstNet.

What Makes the TOUGHBOOK 40 the Best of Rugged Models?

For years, the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 31 was regarded as the undisputed leader in the company’s fully-rugged category. For nearly two decades, we’ve promoted it as the ultimate computer that will go the distance with you anywhere, anytime. 

After the TOUGHBOOK 31 was discontinued, we figured the TOUGHBOOK 33 would take over its niche. After all, it redefined rugged flexibility for a wide range of people working in incredibly demanding conditions. 

But not everybody liked the detachable screen. In fact, there’s been a swell of customers who have been looking for a traditional clamshell-type laptop that was super-rugged and dependable. 

When Can I Order My TOUGHBOOK 40 from Mooring Tech

The TOUGHBOOK 40 is available NOW from Mooring Tech - Click here to configure and order. We advise our customers to get in quick because we anticipate a lot of orders.

Unfortunately we can’t say how long lead-in times will be. They could be as long as 45 to 90 days or more. So, don’t delay.