Upcoming Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Models

Panasonic is known for its smart, strong, amazingly tough products that enable people in many industries to operate in challenging environments. The company is also known to have had the lowest failure rate in the industry for more than 14 years.  Now there are three new rugged handheld Android devices, two smartphones, and a tablet, that are available for those who don’t want to compromise. Even though two of the new devices are phones, the carry the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® name.

The three new Panasonic TOUGHBOOK models are:

  • TOUGHBOOK N1, the only rugged handheld device that has an angled barcode scanner and rear-facing USB 2.0 barcode reader.
  • TOUGHBOOK T1, that has an integrated 1D/2D straight-shooting barcode reader.
  • TOUGHBOOK L1, a tablet that may be equipped with an integrated straight-shooting barcode reader that is configurable to portrait or landscape modes.

All three devices boast warm-swappable batteries, which means the batteries can be removed without closing down and then rebooting. They also all run on the very latest Android 8.1 operating system, Oreo. The thickened corners and bezel of the three add to their ruggedness.

The secret of Panasonic’s success rate is that all TOUGHBOOKs are manufactured with internal components that are “mobile computer critical.” The company’s engineers control every part of the design and manufacturing process and carry out rigorous testing to ensure devices are durable, reliable, and will last a very long time.


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Manufactured to withstand seven-foot drops, the fully-rugged Panasonic TOUGHBOOK FZ-N1 is a surprisingly slim, powerful device that you can depend on wherever you work. It has a dust- and water-resistant certification, making it ideal for those in the field.

Regarded as an all-in-one tool, the N1 has an octa-core processor and optional stylus pen and may be used with thousands of invaluable enterprise-grade applications. It has Wi-Fi, built-in multi-carrier 4G LTE, voice capabilities, and dual Nano SIM cards. While the 4G LTE WWAN with GPS is optional, this device comes with Bluetooth with low energy. The 10-point touch screen is 1280 x 720 mm in size. The screen will work in a downpour and if you are gloves.

Pop it in your pocket, wear it on your arm, or mount the N1 in your vehicle.



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Manufactured to withstand five-foot drops, the ultra-slim, and sleek Panasonic TOUGHBOOK FZ-T1 is also a dust- and water-resistant model. Durable and lightweight, it is particularly well suited for those requiring information from workers in warehouse field service, retail stores, the transportation and delivery industries, and other challenging work environments.

The T1 has an industry-standard Qualcomm quad-core processor and various options including a pistol grip with trigger, stylus pen, and ability to connect to multi-carrier 4G LTE that has voice capability. Alternatively, it may be supplied with Wi-Fi. The five-inch screen is both glove and rain touch-enabled so will cope in all weather conditions.

Like the N1, the T1 will fit in your pocket, on your arm, or may be mounted in a vehicle.


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Manufactured to withstand five-foot drops, the all-weather Panasonic TOUGHBOOK FZ-L1 is a versatile seven-inch field-ready tablet that is dust- and water-resistant. Like the smaller TOUGHBOOK T1, the L1 is perfect for use in the field where information needs to be collected from workers in a variety of industries, for inventory and other purposes.

The L1 comes with a Qualcomm quad-core processor and the option to use a stylus pen. It may be Wi-Fi enabled with GPS or 4G LTE WWAN with satellite GPS, and Bluetooth v4.2 classic mode LE.

Like the new TOUGHBOOK cellphones, the TOUGHBOOK L1 tablet is versatile and may be mounted in your vehicle, attached to your arm, and will fit into most pockets.

If you’re in the market for a new, powerful handheld device, contact Mooring Tech for more information and pricing. We are one of Panasonic’s most trusted reseller partners.