Your Authorized Partner for Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Laptops, Tablets, Handhelds, and Vehicle Mounting Solutions

Mooring Tech is a dedicated Prime and Diamond Level TOUGHBOOK Advantage Authorized Mobility Partner offering a wealth of expertise that expands to virtually all vertical markets and end-users. We have decades of experience and are well-positioned to provide comprehensive product and supply-chain information to a varied customer base. Better yet, we are able to offer highly competitive prices for the best in TOUGHBOOK mobile device technology. 

Panasonic sells its rugged TOUGHBOOK computing solutions through a carefully selected network of world-class authorized reseller partners. Mooring Tech is proud to be part of this network and is able to provide the customized and creative TOUGHBOOK solutions our customers expect from our team of seasoned experts.

Having partnered with Panasonic, we have invested in knowledge and training, and have made a sincere commitment to afford every single customer the best possible service, constantly designing and delivering solutions that will meet their specific needs.

What You Can Expect From This TOUGHBOOK Advantage Diamond Partner

  • Being a Diamond Partner means we are a top tier Panasonic partner in volume.
  • Being a Prime TOUGHBOOK Advantage partner means we are dedicated to Panasonic’s products and do not sell competing devices (which are admittedly inferior).
  • A trusted Panasonic TOUGHBOOK authority with 16+ years of experience.

The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK range offers mobile devices that are in a class of their own and suited to a wide range of people and businesses that need to communicate quickly and efficiently whatever the circumstance.

At Mooring Tech, we thrive on assisting the full spectrum of TOUGHBOOK users, including Federal Agencies, State Government and Public Safety Departments, DOD, Enterprise, Transportation, Energy, and Utilities, as well as individuals, commercial enterprises, and small businesses. Regardless of who we are dealing with, we will identify, procure, and deploy the very best Panasonic TOUGHBOOK solutions at a competitive price.

We know just how great Panasonic mobile devices are and how their outstanding features never fail to impress. We try to stock new devices although that can be challenging.  We rarely have an open box or used choice.  Our team of experts is ready and willing to build the right machine for any application, always ensuring our customers benefit from the TOUGHBOOK Advantage.

So, if you are in the market for a Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, don’t settle for less than the Panasonic experts at Mooring Tech.  Engage us with a phone call, an online chat, or an email today. Let’s see how we can help you.