Panasonic Ultimate Care Warranty Upgrade

Introducing the absolute ultimate rugged laptop or tablet warranty upgrade.  Panasonic's new Ultimate Care warranty upgrade essentially lifts all caps on their already popular Protection Plus accidental damage warranty.  To be clear...Panasonic will fix or replace your Panasonic Toughbook or Toughpad an unlimited number of times during the life of the warranty.  Yes, you read correctly.  Given the fact that it is priced only slightly higher than the Protection Plus option, one might wonder how Panasonic can afford the offer this type of coverage.  Ultimately it doesn't matter.  Any miscalculation by Panasonic is your gain.  The likely answer is that Panasonic is simply doubling-down on equipment they have unwavering confidence in when it comes to durability and performance.  There is a very reasonable and logical explanation for why Panasonic dominates 80-90% of the rugged mobile laptop and tablet market.  Toughbooks actually live up to the hype and flat out get the job done.  Some customers assume incorrectly that a Toughbook or Toughpad is indestructible.  This is of course not true and accidents do happen.  The fact that Panasonic is offering unlimited repairs or replaces (excluding fire and theft for most customers) through a reasonably priced warranty upgrade really says it all.  Build and buy online from the experts at Mooring Tech or call to discuss your needs today.  877-532-8088. 
 Panasonic Ultimate Care Warranty Brochure 
$365.00 (CF-SVCLTUCNF3YR) Toughbook Ultimate Care 3 Year
$550.00 (CF-SVCLTUCNF4Y) Toughbook Ultimate Care 4 Year
$850.00 (CF-SVCLTUCNF5Y) Toughbook Ultimate Care 5 Year
$390.00 (FZ-SVCLTUCNF3Y) Toughpad Ultimate Care 3 Year
$575.00 (FZ-SVCLTUCNF4Y) Toughpad Ultimate Care 4 Year
$875.00 (FZ-SVCLTUCNF5Y) Toughpad Ultimate Care 5 Year
$255.00 (FZ-SVCHHUC3Y) Handheld Ultimate Care 3 Year
$305.00 (FZ-SVCHHUC4Y) Handheld Ultimate Care 4 Year
$350.00 (FZ-SVCHHUC5Y) Handheld Ultimate Care 5 Year