Toughbooks for Military and Law Enforcement

Your job demands a laptop that can survive the toughest conditions. Extreme temperatures, drops, and spills are no match for a Panasonic Toughbook – the only laptop that truly keeps your files safe from external damage. If you work in the military or with a local police department, then you understand that your equipment needs to be as durable as you are. A normal laptop owner is lucky if their device still works after an accidental drop from their desk. A Panasonic Toughbook, on the other hand, is still fully functional after a drop from as high as 6 feet. For anyone in public safety, the option is clear: a ruggedized notebook is the only way to go and Panasonic leads the industry.

Independent studies and first-hand accounts confirm the unmatched quality and durability of Panasonic Toughbooks.

A fully-rugged laptop comes with the industry’s highest level of protection. This military-grade technology can withstand the outdoor conditions your profession requires. Independent studies have proven a Panasonic Toughbook can operate under heavy rainfall, below freezing temperatures, and even excessive pressure if your laptop is stepped on or run over.

Other toughbook enthusiasts have gone to even greater extremes on YouTube, for example, pushing their Panasonic Toughbook to the limit. One product-tester strapped his Panasonic Toughbook 19 behind a snowmobile and dragged it for more than half a mile. Another placed his Toughbook 30 in the middle of a street and drove over it with his SUV – that’s more than 3000 pounds! Still, in both cases, the Panasonic Toughbook was in perfect working condition. If this technology can survive this type of extreme product testing, then it can survive just about any police or military activity thrown its way. 

The secret behind Panasonic’s technology is a history of guaranteed results and satisfied customers.

Panasonic has been manufacturing its iconic line of Toughbooks since 1997. For over two decades, the company has continued to improve its line of ruggedized products – making each laptop, tablet, handheld and 2-in-1 more durable than the one before it. A large portion of Toughbook sales goes directly to police departments and military units that recognize the unmatched quality and resilience of the Panasonic brand.

The strength behind any Panasonic Toughbook is a solid exterior shell of magnesium alloy. This type of metal casing is 20 times stronger than the plastic components used in regular laptops. Seal port doors in conjunction with the overall design prevents damage from sand, dust, or other small particles to critical connections such as USB, HDMI, Serial and others ports. 

With an armor-like shield, your Panasonic Toughbook is perfect for any job that requires on-site work or a quick field response. Taking a traditional laptop through inclement weather or mountainous terrain could result in the loss of invaluable information or thousands of dollars. A Panasonic Toughbook can provide the mobile computing power and capability your group needs without compromising protection and durability. 

We offer endless customization options to meet your unit or department’s needs.

All of our products come with endless options for customization and personalization. Police departments and first responders often need Toughbooks that can be easily stored and transferred in their patrol cars. Vehicle mounts are a simple solution for keeping your Toughbook accessible while on the go and simple to remove if you need to leave your vehicle.

With RAM-intensive programs as the backbone of military coordination and effectiveness, defense contractors or armed forces may need the advanced computing capabilities of an upgraded hard-drive or RAM. Military Toughbooks may also opt for integrated GPS receivers for pinpoint accuracy and location. Our team can even remove networking and Bluetooth capabilities to guarantee total security for confidential information stored on your Toughbook.

No other laptop can provide the type of comprehensive customized options that come with a Panasonic Toughbook. These upgraded options guarantee your device’s compatibility and reliability for your line of work.  

Saving you money: Longer-lasting laptops means fewer expenditures

Ultimately, Panasonic Toughbooks provide unmatched quality for the money you spend. While the average police department or military unit has to buy several brand new laptops every year to replace broken ones, a Panasonic Toughbook can last your group 5 years or longer. With decreased expenditures on fixing and replacing broken laptops, your unit can focus on more serious issues.

Panasonic also offers superior warranty options like  Protection Plus and ultimate Care which both cover unintentional or accidental physical damage for up to 5 years. With this type of protection, your Toughbook can meet the needs of your profession longer than any other laptop on the market.