Michael Cayes, TOUGHBOOK Expert

Founder & Expert at Mooring Tech

“Dedicated to providing rugged solutions for those who brave the toughest conditions.”


Michael Cayes

Michael Cayes is the driving force behind Mooring Tech, a leading provider of Panasonic Toughbooks. With a passion for technology and a keen understanding of the needs of professionals in challenging environments, Michael has dedicated the past 17 years to ensuring that individuals and businesses have access to the most durable and reliable computing solutions available.

Starting his journey with a deep appreciation for the intricate balance between durability and performance, Michael quickly recognized the unmatched potential of Panasonic Toughbooks. This realization led him to establish Mooring Tech, a company that not only sells these rugged devices but also champions their benefits to a wide range of professionals, from field engineers to first responders.

Experience & Expertise

Over nearly two decades in the industry, Michael has amassed extensive experience and knowledge about the world of rugged computing. His hands-on approach has given him unique insights into the challenges faced by professionals in the field, and he has continuously adapted Mooring Tech's offerings to meet these evolving needs.

His commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has cemented Mooring Tech’s reputation as a trusted partner for many organizations. Under Michael's leadership, the company has grown exponentially, but he ensures that each client receives personalized attention and solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

A Vision for the Future

Michael envisions a world where technology empowers every individual, regardless of the conditions they work in. He believes that with the right tools, there are no limits to what one can achieve. As technology continues to evolve, Michael remains at the forefront, always seeking the next innovation that can further enhance the capabilities of those who rely on Mooring Tech.

Connect with Michael

For inquiries, collaborations, or to learn more about Panasonic Toughbooks, feel free to reach out to Michael directly at michael.cayes@mooringtech.com or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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