Handheld Tablets 


Computers are evolving. Now, it’s possible to have a Toughpad or Toughbook that performs every function a computer does but with greater mobility. If you have considered getting a tablet to carry from site to site, to keep in touch with your office and to have all of your information on hand, you have probably discovered that the everyday tablet is not going to cut it.  


This is where Panasonic ultra-mobile rugged toughbooks and tablets come in. Like a regular tablet, the ultra-mobile rugged toughbooks and toughpads are portable, easy to use, and give you full access to all of your information. With the functionality of a computer, the portability of a tablet, and the rugged design of the Panasonic Toughpads, these tablets bridge the gap between ease of use and durability. Resistant to bumps, drops, spills, dust, and grime, the compact tablet and toughbooks go where you go and do what you do.
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